Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Create beautiful and unique baby bingo cards using The Bingo Maker

This is a special Baby Bingo site with a large variety of baby bingo cards that make a great baby shower activity. Create and print baby bingo cards using The Bingo Maker on your own computer. You can customize the cards yourself or download 6 free baby bingo cards from the list below ready to print and play (bingo call list included). These baby bingo cards were created using The Bingo Maker.

The Bingo Maker is very simple, easy to use bingo card maker. You can use it with your home computer and make a different bingo card for any occasion. As a bingo card maker, The Bingo Maker lets you make more personalized bingo games than ever.

babyshowerbingocard 1

lion The Bingo Maker comes with dozens of baby bingo card templates and hundreds of different bingo cards for any occasion. For a variety of over 300 bingo card templates you are welcome to visit our main website

Baby Bingo Rules

Print out your customized bingo cards using The Bingo Maker and give each guest a card, in addition you also need to print the list of the bingo items and cut them into the individual squares - each square with one word on it. Put the squares into a small box, hat or for a more amusing option you can use a diaper bag and draw them out one at a time, reading the word out loud. Each guest needs to find the word on their card and mark it; if you decided to add questions in your bingo items it will give you a great chance to hear the full and funny stories regarding it from different point of views….
You draw out all the other items until someone fills in a row (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) and yells "BINGO!"

If you decided to make the small 3x3 bingo it can also be great to play it as a "black out" game that means that the winner is the one that marked the whole card.

Last but not least don't forget the prizes as everyone appreciates the little prize at the end.

babyshowerbingocard 1

Ice-Breaker Bingo


Create a fun environment for your guests with an ice breaker bingo game.

This fun filled icebreaker baby bingo can really get your party started. Before starting the baby shower games, it is always good to start with an ice-breaker game that will help bring people together and getting them to mingle.

Baby Shower ice breaker bingo

Get The Bingo Maker for free!

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